Q. Most Sound System companies provide a single DJWhy does TNT provide 2 DJs for every wedding reception and party?

A. By providing a 2 person team for each function, TNT ensures that the music and events portion of your reception or party runs smoothly.

Generally, one of the DJs is responsible for manning the music system, providing non-stop music (the right song at the right time) to keep the dancing going.

The other DJ acts as the coordinator of the events, Emcee, and also provides assistance to the sound system.

Q. What activities during a wedding reception will the emcee coordinate and announce?

    - Introduction of the Bridal Party

    - Announce the cutting of the cake

    - Announce the Best Mans toast

    - Announce and coordinate the Garter and Bouquet Ceremony

    - Announce and coordinate a Dollar Dance if requested

    - And any other events taking place during your special evening

Q. When does the DJ/Emcee team usually arrive at the function?

A. Your DJ/Emcee team will arrive approximately 30 minutes from the contracted starting time. The will set up the sound system and be ready to play music by the contracted start time.

Q. What kind of music and how much do you bring to functions?

A. Each of our DJ teams bring thousands of popular songs to each event. We continually add new songs to our collections. Our DJs bring music from Big Band to Top 40 and include all genres. Oldies, Rock, Country, Motown, Top 40, Hip Hop, Dance, R&B and so on.
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Q. How do you know what kind of music will keep my reception going?

A. Traditionally, most wedding guests respond (by dancing) to songs they know. Songs that have an easy beat to dance to. There are approximately 200 or so songs that are the most popular dance songs and work well at most receptions.

Q. What mix of music will you provide at my reception? How involved in the selection of music should we be?

A. By getting together with you prior to the event, we get a good feel for what type of music you and your fiance like. We keep this in mind when selecting songs during the night and will certainly include your personal favorites.

Since your reception will include a hundred or more of your friends and family that you want to have a good time, and their musical tastes will vary greatly, our DJs mix up the music to ensure all of your guests get to dance and enjoy themselves. Limiting music choices or filling the play-list with one type of music may diminish the effectiveness of our DJs to entertain all of your guests.

Q. What songs are we (Bride and Groom) required to choose and/or provide?

A. The bride and groom traditionally will choose the songs for: their first dance, the bridal party dance, the father and bride dance, and the mother and groom dance. TNT makes every effort to have the songs you choose. We must have at least one week notice to ensure we have the song

Q. Will you play many slow songs?

A. Under normal circumstances, our DJs will play 6-8 fast songs followed by 2-3 slow songs in each set. This helps ensure all your guests, young and old, have the opportunity to dance and enjoy the evening.

Q. Are we required to provide meals for the DJs

A. Usually, the DJs, photographer and/or videographer are invited to take part in the meal and it is appreciated. However, you are not required to do this.

Q. Are we required to tip the DJs

A. No, tips are not required. Our DJs are paid an hourly wage for the services they provide. You may however, provide a tip if you feel their level of services for the night warrants one.

Q. How can we tell a reputable DJ company from one that is not?

A. Just as with any other business or service you may be acquiring for your wedding or event, you should check out the company...references, visit them during an event to check them out, and of course, their standing with the Better Business Bureau. T.N.T. Sound Systems is a member in Good Standing with the BBB.

May we recommend THE HOLLAND WILLOWS, for your party or reception. They offer fine food and service and a professional staff to help with your party and/or reception planning.

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